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Officers with their designation and contact numbers

  Name & Designation Phone/Mobile
  Hon'ble Chancellor  
Sri Satya Pal Malik - Hon'ble Governor, Bihar, Raj Bhawan (0612)-2786179
  Hon'ble Vice Chancellor  
Prof. Harikesh Singh, Vice-Chancellor

(06152)-232607 (O/Fax)

(06152)-233508 (R/Fax)

  Pro Vice Chancellor  
Prof. Ashok Kumar Jha, Pro Vice-Chancellor (06152)-234118 (O)
Sri Chandrika Pandey - Financial Advisor 9934651628
Dr. Gajendra Singh, Dean, Students Welfare  
Prof. Uma Shankar Yadav, Proctor 9430079487
Dr. Syed Raza, Registrar

06152-233507 (O)

06152-233121 (Fax)

Dr. Rakesh Prasad, Coordinator College Development Council 9431216436
Sri Vinod Kumar, Finance Officer 9931058614
Dr. Anil Kumar Singh, Controller of Examinations 9060846664
Dr. Dhruv Kumar Singh, OSD (Examination II) 9934756812
Dr. Kedar Nath, Liaison Officer & PRO 9431426820
  Dean of Faculties  
Prof. Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh - Dean, Faculty of Science 9430626138
Sri Faridul Hasan - Dean, Faculty of Social Science 9470012636
Dr. Amarnath Thakur - Dean, Faculty of Humanities


Dr. A. R. Safi  - Dean, Faculty of Commerce 9431644861
  Other Functionaries  
Dr. Om Prakash Singh, Inspector of Colleges (Science) 9430544973
Dr. Sudha Bala, Insector of Colleges (Arts & Commerce) 9931573221
  Dr. Binay Kumar Singh, Law Officer 9431668778
Dr. Harishchandra, PIO 9471433686
Dr. Ram Narayan Mahto, Statistical Officer 9835419745
Dr. Harishchandra, Co-Ordinator, NSS 9471433686
Dr. Uday Shankar Ojha, Director Prof.-in-charge of Sports 9122122185
Dr. Sunil Kumar Verma, Director, Directorate of Distance Education 9430402678
  Engineering Cell  
Engineer - Vacant ...
Sri Pramod Kumar Singh, Assistant Engineer 9430402497
Md. Sharfuddin, Electrical Engineer - (J. E.) 9708119441

Note: This list may not be taken as seniority list.

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